jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

The Odissey of Enuresis Treatment

Testimony of the father of a 9-year-old child, attending our clinic, with enuresis, to which combined anticholinergic and antidiuretic treatment was prescribed according to the results of the urodynamic study (detrusor overactivity) and clinical outcome .

Comments of the Dr. A - Pediatrician of Ambulatory Center On March 23 - 

Thinks that the treatment has been prescribed for too long  and that he would stop it immediately. Refuses to prescribe Minurin and Ditropan for my son F. He thinks that it is a question of maturity, psychology and of education (the study had demonstrated that there was a problem of bladder function). He sends to the specialist of the  tertiary Hospital. 

Comments of my visit to the specialist of the Hospital, On April 24th: he also considers excessive the length of time the drugs have been prescribed despite the good outcome and lack of side effects. He suggests that we should not continue and  leave that my son F. continues wetting himself, we should continue washing the sheets. If the child is affected psychologically we should take him to the psychologist. We go back to the primary care center were we find another pediatrician: Dr. M visits F. On July 6. I comment her all the problems that we have had the purchase  both medicines and the problems that it can have with my son F. if we put him back to diapers at night. She agrees to prescribe both drugs despite the other doctors´opinions. Now  F. it takes 1 tablet of Minurin  and 1 of Ditropan in the night. With that regime he has from 2 to 3 leaks a month. Without medication wee is done almost every night.

Thank you for all your attention. A strong embrace and we meet in the next visit.

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